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About Cloud Hosting

I am a lay man and not much into technical terms… Can someone give me a simplest understanding of cloud computing or hosting. (Asked to admin by anonymous)

Oh! Just ask the experts at CSS4 Hosting and get not only answers but cloud hosting services as well as solutions to cheer about.

A, lay man definition of cloud computing…

‘Cloud Hosting or Computation of Cloud’, is an expressive style without an acceptance as specifically scientific or technical definition; referred to sharing of varied information over a network (mainly over internet).

The colloquial term of ‘Cloud Computation’ or hosting is a high end performance or functionality of large number of computers involved in numerous computing concepts based on real time. This involvement of sharing huge resources, software, information, etc in real time is made possible by a live network system (viz. Internet).

But there’s also a definition or say scientific expression to ‘Cloud Computing’ a term that got its popularity from marketing of hosted services. Science states that ‘Cloud Hosting’, is computation over distributed live network with ability to execute a program on many computers or remote devices at same time frame.

The beginning point of ‘Cloud Hosting’ starts from decentralization of typically centralized services via application programming interface (API) over a cloud form network. The hosting of user’s date, software, and computation intersects with substantial software as a service (SaaS).

The end point is though not restricted or limited, but the users at end of the cloud formed network access the cloud built applications via medium of web browser on desktop or laptop and mobile apps on handheld devices. However, the end point is just an interface for users to access the business software, stored data, and varied information kept intact on servers at a remote location.

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