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CSS4 Hosting is the one stop terminus for all your ‘Cloud Hosting or Computing’ requirements; and is committed to mould cloud fit your business needs. Enterprises and individuals are bogged down with a misconception about ‘cloud’; it is wrongly believed that for varied solutions the similar cloud formation will perform. But in reality every business requirements need customized ‘Cloud Hosting’ and no two ‘cloud’ for two different solutions can be similar in functionality or formation.

CSS4 Hosting In-depth Cloud Server Option & Their Aims
Our experts at CSS4 Hosting are adept to built or power the different ‘Cloud Server Option’ as per client requirements. Our two powered solutions for ‘Cloud Server Hosting’ for exhibiting resources or to execute a program are “Private Cloud Server Hosting and Public Cloud Server Hosting”. The main aim of CSS4 Hosting ‘Cloud Server Option’ is to ensure availability or crafting of a live network connected to many computers as and handheld devices to distribute the resources to end users. The secondary aim is to facilitate continuous access to the resources, develop high flexibility, and follow the protocol of ‘Cloud Hosting’.
At CSS4 Hosting Cloud Server Option Gets a New Dimension…
We at CSS4 Hosting will give ‘Cloud Hosting Server Option’ a new dimension amid deployment resources as per preferences or need, add auto – scaling rules, and a load balancer to maintain rapid rise as well as decline of traffic. The auto – scaling features enables clients to stay relax as the resources are automatically increased or decreased as per requirement. We built ‘Cloud Hosting Server Option’ entirely focused on flexibility as vital component. The rationality behind flexibility is to ascertain clients of adding or offering varied services on instant addition to any ‘Cloud Server’.
Server Pack

  S M L XL
vCPU 1 Core 2 Core 4 Core 8 Core
vRAM 1 GB 2 GB 4 GB 8 GB
Disk 40GB (SSD Storage) 60GB (SSD Storage) 80GB (SSD Storage) 160GB (SSD Storage)
Traffic 4 TB 6 TB 8 TB 10 TB
Price $7.2 $14.4 $26 $42.5

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