Disaster Recovery

“Planning to overcome sudden catastrophic events or disaster sets the tone for sustainability of business in the long run…”

CSS4 Hosting understands that it is never comforting or frisky to think about threats, dangers, or disaster. Going a step ahead when it comes to planning for the same, it becomes all the more difficult and not a process of fun. But with CSS4 Hosting, the disaster recovery plan becomes easy, organized, and methodical. Our data centers with important locations in balanced regions are enhanced with capability to provide assorted DR and BC functionality to clients.

Making a backup for data, resources, documentation are not the end to tackle disaster. The disaster is a sudden event that may lead to failure, loss of time, obstruct revenue generation, and potential loss of business activities. The element of risk becomes more obvious as future is uncertain and disaster can take place irrespective of time or situation. Therefore, CSS4 Hosting preaches that to avert disaster just backup services are not enough but there should be a concrete plan of action to ensure maximum .

Our expert team understands the core of disaster recovery management and focuses on business operations. The strategy is to ascertain zero financial loss with almost no business activities failure. All our disaster recovery plans are equivalent to insurance (don’t get confuse with an insurance policy). The reason is because all our recovery plans boost confidence by ensuring continuation of business activities and operations even after a disaster.

Types & Sub – Types of Disaster


  • Natural Disaster

Sub – Type:

  • Floods
  • Hurricanes
  • Earthquakes
  • Snowstorms
  • Storms
  • Solar flares
  • Land slides


  • Human Encroachment

Sub – Type:

  • Theft and criminal harm
  • Intrusions and hacking to replace the central file systems
  • Un-authorized access
  • Fire and Arson
  • Death or poor health
  • Contamination
  • War/conflict/terrorism
  • Workplace violence


  • Technical Failure

Sub – Type:

  • Power outages
  • Network cuts
  • Gas leaks
  • Communication failure
  • HVAC system failure, etc

Prevention & Precautionary Methods applied by CSS4 Disaster Recovery Plan

  • Remote Backup & Cloud Backup
  • Firewall & Constant Server Monitoring
  • Out – of – Band Private Network
  • Geographical Load Balancing
  • Experience in Clustering & High Availability

Key Features of CSS4 Disaster Recovery Plan

  • Effortless deployment and current maintenance
  • 100% secured & guaranteed ready to operate stand-by systems
  • Instant delivery of information, data, resources, and documents from backup storage in case the originals are lost or damaged
  • Almost eradicate the risk of human negative influence and disaster related to the human vices